P A of W: An Exclusive Heaven

Why is it, being good doesn’t get you into heaven?”

We use this word “good,” but what does “good” mean to us?

We also say, “God is good.” But then we get all mad because this “Good God” lets all this bad stuff happen.

If God’s goodness is thrown into question simply because of the bad in this world, how would you feel if He let just a little of that badness into heaven?

I mean, would it be okay if people just fought a little bit in heaven?
How about if people only cursed each other out when they got really mad?
What if only the occasional person beat up someone else?
I mean, people telling lies in heaven would be okay, right?

It’s easy for us to spot the differences between a good place and a bad place. But let us also not forget to take a hard look at the small bad things, which will changes a good place into a bad place.

The world isn’t the way it is because there are murders in it (because of the really bad people).
The world is the way it is because there is sin in it (because the good people, still argue with their spouse, get frustrated with their child, lie occasionally, and sometimes even get really angry, etc.).

If heaven is a perfect, beautiful, peaceful places, full of joy and happiness, then we should automatically realize bad can’t be there. Bad will/would ruin heaven. Sin will ruin heaven. We, as we are, would ruin heaven, regardless of how “good” we might think we are.

Heaven has to exclude ALL bad (not just most bad), otherwise heaven wouldn’t be heaven.

God isn’t being mean by requiring perfect righteousness for heavenly acceptance, rather He is preserving the place He promised, the way He promised it, for those who accept the gift of righteousness He provided to them on the cross.

He is a good God, who has created a good place. Are you going to stand there complaining that He won’t let the bad in? Or are you going to rejoice that He provided a way to make righteous those who accept His offer of new life into their life, so that we can step into heaven bringing only perfection and good with us?

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