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The Struggle of Evolution vs Christianity

In the last six months I’ve encountered a number of Christians struggling with the concept of Evolution. Is it real or not? How do we know that it didn’t play a part in Creation? The evolutionary arguments sound so convincing, … Continue reading

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Saved From What?

There is a big difference between wanting to be saved from judgment and wanting to be saved from sin. There are a lot of people out there who think what Christianity means is that they can be saved from judgement, … Continue reading

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PA of W: Ammonite vs. Amorite

It easy to get Biblical names confused. Here are two I’ve been confusing for years. The Ammonite and Amorite are actually two very different groups of people, yet they are situated fairly close to each other. So let’s look at … Continue reading

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P A of W: An Exclusive Heaven

Why is it, being good doesn’t get you into heaven?” We use this word “good,” but what does “good” mean to us? We also say, “God is good.” But then we get all mad because this “Good God” lets all … Continue reading

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