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God Does Not Force Us, Rather He Gives Us Freedom

Recently, I have found myself contemplating freewill more and more. Being given a choice and not being forced to comply to someone else’s wishes is a reality that has always mattered deeply to me. I have always been a “why?” … Continue reading

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How Seriously Do We Take It?

There are subjects in the Bible that we take very seriously, but then there are those that feel so pervasive we kind of just find ourselves giving up on taking them seriously. Perhaps we’re asking ourselves the questions: If it … Continue reading

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Live Out Freedom from Sin

Past relationships, particularly abusive relationships, can have a way of still impacting us. Our previous bondage to sin can be the same way. It’s hard for us to remember what it now means for us to continually reckon sin dead … Continue reading

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The Reality of Freedom from Sin

Last week we talked about everyone’s need to be freed from sin, and this week we’re going to look at the reality of this freedom from sin. This subject has proven confusing to many people because there are sets of … Continue reading

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Helping God’s Way

Have you ever been helping someone and really wished you could make them make the right decisions? Helping people is a messy business, because unlike working with items or technology, where you can count on them staying in place or … Continue reading

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