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The Word Resurrection

I did a Blue Letter Bible search of the word resurrection because I was interested to know where else it is used. What I found is that the word resurrection is used only in the New Testament. Did you know … Continue reading

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A Promise and Presence that Remains

The year 2020 has been rough. I was contemplating this and Christmas coming, and I got to thinking about how Mary’s and Joseph’s lives leading up to Christ’s birth were probably pretty rough too. Israel had been without a true … Continue reading

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Why Does Christianity Seem to Work for Some People But Not for Others?

Have you ever heard people say somethings like, “I tried Christianity, and it didn’t work for me.” Or how about, “I asked God to change me, but He didn’t. So I guess either He isn’t real or He’s fine with … Continue reading

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Will You Explore the Truth of the Empty Tomb or Spread the Lie?

Jesus’s existence is not often debated. The fact that He was crucified by the Romans is also not usually a topic of debate. What is commonly debated though is whether or not Jesus was/is the Son of God and if … Continue reading

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