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Answering the Need of Truly Asking the Question

“How are you?” is a social question we ask frequently but rarely with a desire to know its true answer. Because to seek its real answer would be to welcome the burden of someone else’s problems. At least that’s how … Continue reading

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Why do we care about others?

This is a post from several year ago that bears repeating, particularly in light of last weeks post. Why do we care? Its a simple question, and yet nothing about caring is simple. We care for reasons we cannot even … Continue reading

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What Kind of Parent Is God?

We often call God, our Father, but how often do we actually think of God as our Parent? (John 1:12-13) That’s right, your parent, as in picture yourself coming home from school or a long day of work and there’s God’s … Continue reading

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What Should Our Perspective of God Be?

Our perspective of God should always be getting larger. Have you ever been talking with a friend and suddenly learned something new about them that shifted the way you perceived them? Like: Finding out a friend, who has always worn … Continue reading

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