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Focus This Year on God and His Gifts

What if this next year, instead of focusing on what we can accomplish for God, we focused on what God wants to give us? At New Years we are often found paying attention to all the areas in our life … Continue reading

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Live Out Freedom from Sin

Past relationships, particularly abusive relationships, can have a way of still impacting us. Our previous bondage to sin can be the same way. It’s hard for us to remember what it now means for us to continually reckon sin dead … Continue reading

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The Reality of Freedom from Sin

Last week we talked about everyone’s need to be freed from sin, and this week we’re going to look at the reality of this freedom from sin. This subject has proven confusing to many people because there are sets of … Continue reading

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Helping God’s Way

Have you ever been helping someone and really wished you could make them make the right decisions? Helping people is a messy business, because unlike working with items or technology, where you can count on them staying in place or … Continue reading

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Why Christians Should Love Themselves

As a Christian do you love yourself? Why or why not? Maybe this feels like a strange question to ask yourself, but actually it’s an important question to ask. “Do I love myself?” Whether or not we are able to … Continue reading

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P A of W: The Gift of the Cross

On Good Friday, while watching the reenactment of the angry crowd crying “Crucify Him!” I was reminded that this world had always been dark and that we were all destined to die because of our sin. There is nothing new … Continue reading

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