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Good Christian reading material.

Please, add to this book list with titles, authors, and reviews of books you have read that were well written and had spiritual significance. (If you have a book you would like to discuss, please post it as a reply on the “Leave a Suggestion” page.)

12 Responses to Book List

  1. Michael Phillips is the amazing author of Stranger at Stonewycke the first book in the trilogy, “The Stonewycke Legacy”, among many other very well written books.
    Randy Alcorn is another all-around really good author. Some of his titles are Deadline, Edge of Eternity, Safely Home, and Heaven.
    Frank E. Peretti is an author I recommend with a caution, he delves into the spiritual realm, meaning warfare involving angles and demons. He can be dark and creepy to those who have not read much of this type of fiction. I would, however, very much recommend for mature Christian to read two of his titles, This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness for the sake of considering spiritual warfare and the power of prayer.
    Craig Parshall is a Christian lawyer who writes what he knows and writes it well, focusing many of his books around the courtroom in one way or another. Here are two titles from his “Chambers of Justice” series The Resurrection File and Custody of the State.
    T. Davis Bunn, or just Davis Bunn, is an excellent writer. Some of his titles are, My Soul to Keep, All Through the Night, The Noble Fugitive a first book to a trilogy, and one of his latest Lion of Babylon set in Iraq.
    Jerry B. Jenkins is a good writer with the “Left Behind” series and others of his books such as Riven.
    Linda Lee Chaikin writes mostly romance/suspense and is very good at keeping you enthralled. Some of her best are “The Heart of India” series, the first book of which is titled Silk. Another of her series is “A Day to Remember.” The first book is Monday’s Child.
    DiAnn Mills is a good Christian writer who publishes romance/suspense. Her “Call of Duty” series starts with the book Breach of Trust.
    Kristen Hietzmann is another noteworthy Christian writer of romance/suspense.

  2. Eileen says:

    It’s fun to watch authors develop their worldview and grow in their faith through the way they present their characters in each novel.

  3. zerothemaster says:

    There is a distinct lack of CS Lewis on this list. And JRR Tolkien.

  4. Hi fellow readers,
    Thought I would add to your authors list for kids. Our family loved historical fiction Lois Walford Johnson’s “Adventures in the North Woods,” “Riverboat Adventures” and “The Viking Quest” books; Lee Roddy “Between Two Flags” series; Robert Elmer’s “Young Underground” and “Adventures Down Under” series.

  5. LausDeoiampaidfor says:

    A great non-fiction book I have been reading, recommended by a friend is “1,000 gifts” by Ann Voskamp. I also like Eric and Leslie Ludy. They also write non-fiction.

  6. Anonymous says:

    For Christian Fiction my favorite author is Bodie Theone. She mostly deals in historical fiction, showing how God works through the events in history in ways that we may not see. She is a very skilled writer and has over 30 books published, focusing on time periods such as World War 1 and 2, the birth of the nation of Israel, the Irish Potato famine, and a more recent series about biblical times. One word of caution: these books are not for everyone. Due to the time periods covered there is some violence, as well as main characters who are killed and or injured. She doesn’t dwell on evil, but she shows it in an attempt to show God’s hand through every circumstance. Her earlier works tend not to have as much violence, and in my opinion are better written then her later works.

  7. Joel T. says:

    My wife and eldest son love the Ted Dekker books. I really liked Frank E. Perretti’s The Oath. I also have enjoyed the Jewish Christian author, Joel C. Rosenberg. Many of his fiction books have become prophetic. I am looking forward to reading his latest titled, The Auschwitz Escape.

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