Side Trip Movie Review: Frozen II (Continued Part 2)

As I promised last week, here is the final continuation of my review of Frozen II.

I left off last week talking about the four spirits in Frozen II (which Ahtohallan “River of Memory” could arguable be said to be part of or the source of). In whichever case there is, at least at one point if not two, shared knowledge between the four spirits and Ahtohallan. With this in mind let’s evaluate the problem of inconsistency in knowledge and power with the whole situation involving the dam built by the people of Arendelle and that which has “weakened” the Enchanted Forest.

When the dam is built by the people of Arendelle, who somehow know that this will weaken the waters of the Enchanted Forest A) Why would the four spirits—the protectors of the forest and supposedly the most powerful spirits of all— not intervene and keep the dam from even being built at all when they know it’s bad for the forest? B) Why would the spirits not just destroy the dam even after it was built? And C) Why would the spirits take out the fighting and betrayal of the Arendelle people on the Northuldra people if the spirits—particularly water—knew that the forest people were tricked by Arendelle? (Water/the river/Ahtohallan is who tell’s Elsa about the betrayal, so clearly Water knew.)

So are these “spirits” actually powerful and knowledgeable and capable of protecting the forest, or not? Cause it seems to me like they really aren’t.

No, instead it seems like Elsa is the one who is the most powerful.  She is after all the one who has to go and create a shield of ice in order to save Arendelle from the water. Which by all accounts Water itself should have been able to steer around the city. (It did after all dry up the fountains and waterfall in Arendelle, so clearly it has that power.) And as Elsa says, “The spirits all agreed” that Arendelle should not fall? So it wasn’t like Elsa acted because they hadn’t made up their mind yet.

Throughout the movie the spirits’ powers continually dim in comparison to Elsa’s, all except for the fact that Elsa cannot break through the mist (so maybe she isn’t the most powerful?) Keep in mind she tamed Water before she had stepped into her power.

Though despite all of this Elsa is obviously not the most knowledgeable. That title goes to Ahtohallan (a river full of memory)(in which all magic flows). However, if the most knowledgeable is water, then that should mean that the spirit of water is all knowing, and since the spirits can communicate, then that should logically mean that the spirits are the source of all knowledge. But as we discussed above that does not seem to follow in how these spirits behave.

Instead, Elsa has to fight them and tame them when they are in a bad “mood” (Air) or else stop them and make friends with them when they get scared (Fire). Meanwhile the giants (Earth) are too dumb to even figure out where the people are going or where they are hiding, and they’re also lazy, grumpy, mean and try to kill Anna. And the horse (Water) (which has memory) tries to kill Elsa. So what does magic do exactly?

Also have you ever paused to notice that Elsa succeeds in her mission not simply because of her power/gifts/magic but because of her own force of will. 

Okay, and assuming that Ahtohallan is the voice and the source of magic, (which would line up with the fact that the voice was heard before Elsa was born and that the mist is more powerful than Elsa) then why is it that Elsa (who is blessed by nature with magical powers) freezes at the bottom of the river? In other words, follow this with me for a moment: How is it that a human built dam can weaken/stifle the forest and also the source of all magic? Elsa is frozen at the bottom of Ahtohallan and only freed once the dam is destroyed, implying that the dam was what kept her froze there. Or was it Ahtohallan that held her prisoner there until the dam was destroyed? Which would beg the question what kind of being is Ahtohllan that she cannot help herself and/or traps a human? And in either case, again what does all this say about magic in this setting?

It says that humanity has the ability to stifle/weaken magic (the dam). It also implies that magic/spirits/nature can be tricked by humanity (the betrayal). It implies that magic/nature/and the most powerful spirits need humanity’s help to be freed (Anna tricking them into smashing the dam).

In other words, we really should note Anna and her comment to Elsa: “I don’t want to stop you from being whatever you need to be. I just don’t want you dying trying to be everything for everyone else, too.” Meanwhile, Anna “without powers” helps save the people too and is reference as being part of the bridge.

SO basically, Frozen II all comes down to one overall point: Humanity is the ultimate power. Magic helps you out along the way, when it’s not too busy trying to kill you. But ultimately you (a human) are the one who is in control, who fights, who wins, who becomes “whatever” is needed to save humanity and nature. (Anna sets the forest free. Elsa saves Arendelle. Anna rules over Arendelle while Elsa is “looking after the forest.”

Frozen II glorifies the power that Elsa has while at the same time treating the spiritual beings (supposedly the source of her power) as foolish and at best incompetent and at worst totally incapable.

Neither God nor Satan (the only two sources of supernatural “magical” power) are foolish or incapable.

In other words, Christians, you can’t say that the magic Elsa utilizes is like God’s, because from all we have laid out above, it clearly is not! And if you say it is like Satan’s, then there would be an even bigger problem with this movie, which I think IS the problem with this movie. And you can’t say that magical (supernatural) spirits are completely fictitious, because the Bible is very clear that spirits do exist. Jesus “healed of evil spirits and infirmities—Mary called Magdalene, out of whom had come seven demons” Luke 8:2. There will be “spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out to the kings of the earth and of the whole world. . . “  Revelation 16:14. And in Ephesian 6:12 Paul cautions us that even now “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

SO when it comes down to Frozen II what are you telling your children about Elsa’s magic and about spirits? Is the mindset in Frozen II that spirits (the most powerful spirits mind you) are easily conquered/tamed by a human really what you want taught to your children? Because though this is a nice little ego trip, it is a total and complete lie. Spirits are not conquered or tames by us, ever! Only God has that power.

There are a lot of people today who will say that it is no big deal to access power for yourself (via spirits, goddesses, nature, etc.), and those people will encourage you in such an endeavor promising you that you will get what you want. Do not be deceived thinking that power is there for you to control. That offer of power is a trap laid by Satan. For you can neither control power from God or power from Satan (the only two sources). And trying to take control of supernatural power will simply mean that you will be overpowered, one way or another. (Acts 19:14-16) (Luke 11:24-26)

Challenge: If you think you and your children are not learning from the movies that you watch, ask your children about “spirits” “witches” and “following their heart,” and see what they say. I think you might be shocked to discover that you and Disney are both teaching your kids.

A few additional concepts from Frozen II for you to evaluate on your own:

Who is Anna going to pray to? (The Troll tells her “We have always feared Elsa’s powers were too much for this world. Now we must pray they are enough.”)

Who or what defines for Elsa and Anna what the next “right thing” is so that they can do it?

And why is it that normal rules do not apply to Elsa? And is the concept that rules should not apply to special “powerful” people really one you want your kids taught?

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