Side Trip Movie Review: Frozen II (Continued Part 1)

Last week we talked about how the core temptation of humanity is seeking power for ourselves in order to be our own authority and therefore defying God’s authority. We talked about how this is represented backwards in Frozen II, with self power being glorified.

This week I want to dig into the concepts of what power (magic) ends up looking like when you try to create it outside of God’s power. Elsa’s claim: “That is not what magic does.” I think begs the question: What does magic do according to Frozen II? My purpose in walking you through these movie reviews is to show you how much a movie is saying and teaching. Frozen II is a plethora of concepts that relate strongly to the occult, and it’s important to evaluate what is actually being communicated in regard to power via the inconsistencies present in this movie. Yes, you read that right, through the inconsistencies. So let’s dig into this.

Keep in mind spiritual power even such as God’s power and Satan’s power fit under the term magic because by definition (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) Magic is: an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source.

So here we go. At the very beginning of Frozen II a distinction is made by Elsa’s and Anna’s father claiming that the magic of the old and very Enchanted Forest is not that of “goblin spells and lost fairies.” No, rather it is “protected” by “the most powerful spirits of all” Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

Note, and I double checked this, he skips over actually telling us what the magic is of the Enchanted Forest. Instead he simply tells us what “protects” the forest. (Which is an interesting sidestep to note.) It is also interesting since at the end Elsa ends up looking a whole lot like the “lost fairy” by the end of the movie. (Pay attention to visual imagery in movies because often there is another whole layer of information being silently communicated.)

Elsa asks her father if those in the forest are magical like her. He answers, “No Elsa, they were not magical. They just took advantage of the forests gifts.” (visual imagery tell us this is: the four spirits)(The term “took advantage” is also an interesting one.) So even the people of the Enchanted Forest are not like Elsa.

So where does Elsa’s gift/power/magic come from?

Well, if we pay attention throughout Frozen II there are three points where the source of Elsa’s power is addressed. 

  1. The leader of the Northuldra people ask why Elsa would be rewarded with magic by “nature.” We later have a comment that the “fifth spirit” is the bridge between people and “the magic of nature” which is interesting considering the people of Northuldra seemed to be bridging to the “magic of nature” just fine on their own, and to them it is clear “nature” and  “the spirits.” are one.
  2. We have this conclusion that nature and the spirits are one confirmed when Anna, talking about what the leader said to Elsa, reiterates this conversation saying it was “the spirits” who rewarded the people of Arendelle with a “magical queen.” 
  3. There is also the part where they find Elsa’s mother’s words about the river (Ahtohallan) being “Magic’s source. Elsa’s source?” And we have in the song about Ahtohallan how “in her song all magic flows.”

So, keeping the supposed source(s) of Elsa’s “magic” in mind, let’s talk about the events in this movie.

First “the voice” is calling to Elsa. Why? Well, supposedly it is calling because “A wrong demands to be righted.” But who is demanding this? Even by the end of the movie, we’re still not absolutely sure who the voice belongs to, if this is Elsa herself (the fifth spirit) or Ahtohallan (the river of memory)(A.k.a. The source of all magic).

But regardless, Elsa answers the voice. (See previous blog post for more discussion on this)

The moment Elsa answers the voice, the city of Arendelle is basically attacked by the spirits (Air, Fire, and Water, and Earth). The spirits are driving the people out of the city. Why?  Well, if we follows this a ways into the movie we are told that the spirits drove them out of the city because Arendelle would be destroyed if the dam fell. (Seems reasonable, right? Until we keep going with this concept.)

In other words the same spirits that are attacking and harassing them continually while they are in the Enchanted Forest trying to “right the wrong of the past” are the same spirits that apparently knew ahead of time to drive them out of the city of Arendelle in order to keep them safe from the dam falling. These are also the same spirits (Earth, the giants) that Anna has to trick into destroying the dam. Are you seeing the problem here?

These spirits—who know what will happen in the future and therefore take action to protect the people in Arendelle—how is it that later on they are so mean, dumb, aggressive, and unhelpful when it comes to responding to Elsa’s and Anna’s intentions of “righting the wrong” done to the forest, a.k.a. bringing down the dam? An argument could be made that it was Ahtohallan “the voice” (and likely also the mist) that knew the future and told the spirits to do these things, and the spirits had no knowledge of Elsa’s intentions themselves, thus stood in her way. But then why would Ahtohallan not just again communicate with the spirits and have them help Elsa get to the River of Memory? Or better yet, if Ahtohallan truly is the one calling the shots, why does Ahtohallan who is so all knowing and powerful not just take down the dam herself or simply make the ice (water) statues happen where Elsa can see them at Arendelle and tell her the whole story there, so that Elsa and Anna could straight away go tear down the dam?

Are you seeing some of the inconsistencies already?

Well, next week on Monday, I will continue taking apart Frozen II and show you the point the movie is actually driving home with these inconsistencies.

Challenge: Don’t just watch it. Think about what it is teach you.

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