When Leaders Fall

When it comes to the Christian side of the MeToo Movement, I have three things to say/ask:

Why aren’t other sins in the Christian world also being gone after like this issue is being gone after?
I’m serious,  why aren’t we also going after lies, spiritual manipulation, assault, and abuse of power, etc.? Because we should be! Any leaders who are abusing their authority in any way should be being brought to account. Leaders who lie should also be being removed from leadership. Etc. These sins are just as much of a problem and just as harmful. 

Why when a leader sins do we tend to take that sin and apply it to everything that leader has ever done?
The Psalms written by David are still in the Bible. They were not removed simply because David sinned—committing adultery and murder. Don’t get me wrong, I fully support that there should be consequences to sin (and David faced serious consequences for his sin). But we still have David’s life and the Psalms in the Bible. God didn’t wipe away David’s entire past influence because he sinned. In fact, despite the consequences that befell David because of his sin, David remained a core piece of God’s plan to redeem humanity. Satan is after our leaders. Let’s not allow Satan to tear down a Christian leader along with everything good that leader has ever done.

Does our approach to the issue of sexual sins leave room for repentance and redemption?
This may sound like a strange question, but by the way some people talk about sins like rape it almost sounds like it’s an unforgivable sin. Don’t get me wrong, I personally know women who have been raped, and I think any man who rapes a woman should be behind bars (This is assault and it should be treated as such). Rape is a sin and a crime, but we need to be careful to not label it as unforgivable. And here’s why: If we treat sexual sins as unforgivable sins, we wouldn’t just be punishing the perpetrators of these sins, we would be harming the victims as well. Because the victims choice to forgive their perpetrator and their choice to walk out that forgiveness in their lives is what sets them free and allows them to find redemption. If we treat these men as if their sin(s) are unforgivable, we condemn them AND the women they have harmed to live in that harm and we also misrepresent God’s word and His power (Mat 6:14-15)(Eph 1:7). God’s ability to redeem what was meant for evil into something that He gets to use powerfully for good, is what Christianity is. This is our story. We are all sinners (1Jo 1:10). It’s God’s gift, our repentance, and God’s redemption in our lives that means a Life was judged in our place, killed for our sins, and raised up to be our King (Act 3:19)(Eph 1:7). Sin has a cost, but because of Jesus Christ there is forgiveness of all sin.

1Jo 1:9 “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

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About Given Hoffman

Given believes in the One True God, His Truths, and bringing Words of Life into everyday life. She is a weekly blogger and suspense novelist. You can learn more about her and her books at GivenHoffman.com
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