P A of Worldview: A Soft Answer

I was challenged the other day by stories of Christian martyrs. In the face of brutality many respond as Christ, speaking Life and Light. Many times they quite literally turn the other cheek.

This caused me to think even about the way I respond to strangers in normal settings. Like when your on a plane and the man behind you just can’t keep from wiggling the back of your seat.

I think I’m being so kind and patient to at first simply ignore the man, then I’m helping him be polite by sending looks over my shoulder but not snipping at the man.

But what if I had tried a soft answer?

What if I had spoken Jesus to that stranger instead?

Often times we make the excuse that we just haven’t had any opportunities to share Jesus. What if this is because during those opportunities we are too busy trying and failing to keep our flesh in check when in reality, if we paused, we might realize that God’s heart could not just handle the situation but actually give back Life in exchange for the frustration.

Pro 15:1 “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”

I am much better at the ending of this verse than I am at the beginning. What if we started not just keeping back the harsh words but actually speaking out the soft answers.

Challenge: Next time you find yourself needing to exercise self-control, pause and look for how you can go beyond keeping back the harsh by speak that soft answer.

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One Response to P A of Worldview: A Soft Answer

  1. k58n says:

    It would in deed be good if we did this better even in our own family

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