Practical Application of Worldview: God’s Promises

What is it God has placed in your heart as a promise/goal? What’s your idea of how it will be achieved?
We often have our expectations of how God is going to accomplish something, but God’s promises don’t always look or come about the way we expect.

God made promises to people in the Bible, and we read and see those promises fulfilled within a couple verses or chapters. But to the people who lived those promises, for some it took years or even huge portions of their lives before those promises were fulfilled. And, to a few, the promises they received did not come about in their life time at all but rather in generations to come.

God promises Abram He would make him into a great nation (Genesis 12:1). How do you think Abram pictured that being accomplished?

I’m guessing he probably did not picture a great nation coming about through only one of his children. I’m guessing he thought his children might actually be united to form a great nation. God brought about His promise to Abraham, but not until after even Joseph’s time. Sometimes we may not live to see the promises God had for our lives, yet without us those promises would not exist. Just because you don’t see a promise fulfilled does not mean it won’t be. God is faithful to keep His promises.

How do you think Joseph pictured the promise of ruling over his brothers to happen (Genesis 37)?

I think he maybe pictured it happening right there within his family. He would somehow gain position and notoriety over his brothers, perhaps via his father’s favor, and then maybe by ingenuity and hard work he would become the most successful of them all and have authority over them.

I’m guessing he never thought ruler of a foreign country. I’m guessing he never thought slavery to a foreign master for years before then. God brought about His promise to Joseph, but definitely not the way anyone would have expected.

David was promised that the throne of his descendants would be eternal (2 Samuel 7: 13). How do you think he thought that would happen?

I’m guessing it wasn’t through destruction, exile, a baby born to a young couple under Roman Law, or that grown baby killed before ever being crowned king. God’s promises are always accomplished, but often in far different ways than we thought.

Challenge: Trust that if God promises something He will bring it about. And don’t give up, because often the fulfillment of his promises happens in ways one would never expect. The journey you are on, that might looks like a really big waste of time, might in fact be the path leading you exactly to His promise. God uses all things to His glory.

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