P A of W: Why Are They Leaving the Church?

What do you think? Why are so many young people leaving the church and the Christian faith they grew up believing?
In the last two years I have encountering family after family within which one or more of their children, my generation, has chosen to no longer attend church, no longer read their Bible, no longer hold to Biblical principles, and no longer maintain a relationship with Christ.

My primary question to all of you is why do you think this is happening? Why are young people leaving the church and rejecting Christianity? Have any of you encountered someone who has chosen this? How did you know they had made this decision? What did they say? How did you respond?

Are any of you someone who has chosen to leave the church and the Christian faith, if so why did you do so? How did Christians respond to you?

How should we respond as Christians to those who know Christ and the Bible yet have chosen to walk away from it all? And, are they to be considered as/responded to like non-believers or like backslidden Christians?

Challenge: Identify the problem and be willing to become part of God’s solution.

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