Practical Application of Worldview: Impact

For some time now I have had this thought rolling around the back of my mind. If God knew which people would choose to follow Him and which people wouldn’t, then why did He even create those who wouldn’t?
Now, obviously there are a lot of other complicated factors to this discussion. Yet, for the sake of a focused post, I’m going to forgo discussion this in a general sense and simply present to you one thought that I have had.

What if those who choose to not follow God are necessary because their ungodly choices and its destructiveness actually has an influence on others, causing those who might have simply gone on without God to see the hopeless path of godlessness and run to Christ instead?

We are seekers and innovators. When we see something that doesn’t work, we usually begin to look for the way that does work.

There is an impact made when we watch and hear about people who have die in car crashes, overdose on drugs, destroy their life, abandon their families, been abusive, etc. This impact often starts us wondering if there is another way. Is there such a thing as real hope in life? Is there a purpose? What happens after you die? Is there such a thing as eternity and a God who cares? If I change the way I’m living, will life really be different? Is joy real, or is it just a fictional thing some people pretend to have?

We seek different because when we see the impact of evil and sin on people’s lives, the conscience inside us, the law written on our hearts, cries out “There is another way” and God has provided a means by which we can walk in it. This, I believe, is why God created us all, that we might impact each other.

I was once asked by a non-believer why we as Christians stick around? If Heaven is so great, why don’t you all just commit suicide after being saved?
I replied. “It’s because of you and people like you that we stick around.” We too have an impact to make on this world. We are called to show the better way: the way that works, the way where joy is real, where there is a purpose, and a life full of hope.

Challenge: Be the good impact on this world, and don’t hesitate to point to the evil and show it off for its impact. It’s easy to get discouraged looking at our world today, but never forget, God has already conquered and provided another way, a way that does not involve evil but is pure, holy, and full of joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, goodness, gentleness, etc. These are not just attributes we have access to in Christ; they are also part of the nature of Christ, the Father, and the Holy Spirit.

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