Practical Application of Worldview: My Solution vs. His

“Why can’t You just bless my solution, God?”
Too often we get going and we think, “You know what God, I know enough. I’m good. I’ve got this. You don’t need to help me anymore. I can solve this problem myself.” Have you ever wondered why God at times lets us fail so miserably when all we’re doing is trying to help Him?
Often God lets us fail miserably so that we will look back to Him and ask, “What happened?” And He, our loving Father, gentle sets us out of the way, and says, “Don’t you understand. I am going to do something that only I can do. And until you are truly in Me, it will remain impossible for you.” He wants to use us, but until we are willing to look to Him and say, “What are you trying to accomplish, Lord? What do you want me to do? Not by my strength, but by Yours, Lord.” (We must serve IN Him, because we are nothing, until we are in Him.) Until we are willing to surrender our solutions, our strength, we are only going to get in the way of God’s plan. Only once we are properly IN Him, are we able to ask correctly, “What is Your goal? What do you want to accomplish? How do you want me to help?”
See, God doesn’t need our help. No, instead He allows us to help, because He desires to give us the pleasure of helping and serving Him. Like a father who brings along a small child to help him work, the father doesn’t do so because the child will be some great help to him. No, he does so to foster a relationship with that child. This is us and our Heavenly Father.

Challenge: When next you, as that small child, are tempted to say to your Heavenly Father, “Nope, I’ve got this. (I’m only three, but I can fix that car engine all by myself.)” Remember, to stop, place yourself back in Him and say, “I’m sorry, Lord. What do You want me to do? How might I serve You by and through Your grace and strength?” Watch what He does, and what He gives you to do. I can guarantee it will be better and sweeter than anything you would have thought to accomplish on your own.”

(The idea for this blog post originated from an Eric Ludy sermon, including some of the pictures like that of the father and child.)

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