Practical Application of Worldview: Judged by the Church

“Judged” seems to be the feeling from many people today, especially in regard to the church. And, to be honest, I also have felt judged by some people in the church. Looks and or comments (direct or indirect) from people in the church can feel judgmental in a number of different areas (some we have talked about in the past) clothes, music, suffering, family, jobs, what version of the Bible you use, etc. The list goes on and maybe you even have a specific thing you could add to it.
Like we talked about last week, we are naturally critical people. It’s very easy for us to disapprove of things. So yes I have felt judged by those in the church, but guess what? I have also found myself feeling judgmental toward others in the church.
Challenge #1 (First and foremost) let’s think through whatever it is that we feel judged about and talk to God and check whether or not it’s something that needs to change.
Challenge #2 Having talked to God, recognize that though you and I are victims, we might (and more than likely are) perpetrators also (having judged others ourselves).
Challenge #3 With this recognition in mind, let’s extend to those who have judged us grace and mercy (things none of us deserve but all of us need). All of us are offenders and instead of dissing and become bitter at one another, we need to see our judgmental hearts and work instead to exhort and encourage one another toward Christ.
(Positive words can and do have far more of an impact in changing a person for the better than judgmental attitudes.)

So really I guess all of this boils down to one key question: When you feel judged what do you do about it? Is what you do helpful in bringing about positive change?

Too often I see those who have been judged by someone in the church turns right around and do exactly the same thing. They judge the church, and not just one person, but the whole church.

Today’s Ultimate Challenge: Today is the day, Everyone! Break the cycle and do something incredible; take the grace that people have neglected to show you and go in love and show that grace to them.
You might be a victim, but you don’t have to be a perpetrator.

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3 Responses to Practical Application of Worldview: Judged by the Church

  1. R. says:

    And when we extend grace we go from Victim to VICTOR…Because “blessed are the merciful for THEY SHALL OBTAIN MERCY.”

  2. Gentle says:

    Wow! Thanks for the reminder. So often I will get angry because I feel judged. But at the same time I am turning right around and judging those who were judging me. And usually I am judging them for judging me! I’m goin to try to take that challenge to heart. I really needed it.

  3. Thank you both, you make the work of keeping up a blog mean something. : )

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