Practical Application of Worldview: Return

What does it mean to “return” to something or someone?

I was sitting in Bible study and our pastor made a comment about the word “return” and how there is forgiveness in this statement. “Return to Me,” not only does it carry forgivness but also an ownership and an acceptance. God’s saying “I’ll take you back.” He is not only willing but He also wants to take us back. I don’t know about you, but if a friend had turned their back on me, it would be unlikely that I would want to take them back. If they really worked hard to prove themselves I might be willing to take them back, but even then it would be conditional. God love has no conditions. It is, in fact, unconditional.

Maybe you need to return? Or maybe we need to offer the same love of Christ to others and give them the chance to return? How many different areas are there where we could  express this kind of love, the unconditional love that says “Return”? Its a call to draw near, to come back into fellowship. What do you guys think though, are their things and/or an attitude that must change if someone is to return? Even though God’s love is unconditional are there things that should happen or not be happening any more before someone returns?

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One Response to Practical Application of Worldview: Return

  1. noik says:

    I like the idea that there is always the opportunity to return. Because we like sheep have gone astray and we continually need to return.

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